DIGI CONTORNI • Video Installation • Dec 2005

What is it?

It's a video installation that mixes static and dynamic shapes taken from a live video camera. Traces of the viewer's movements remain frozen and fade out as they are drawn in flat colors generating an always-changing visual composition.

What is the idea?

The main idea was to start out from the visual artistic style associated with artistic printmaking and blend it with the interactive capabilities of computer processing. The result bears some traces of the typical visual style of silk-screen printing, with dynamic live video.

Some combined characteristics of both styles are: on the traditional printmaking side, a pallet of few flat colors and repetitive graphic elements, and on the other side, a live video feed generated by the viewer, and processed in real time by the computer.

Canceling high and low portions of the brightness range spectrum, it's possible to have some pixels drawn and some not, which allows static sections to share the canvas with dynamic sections. In this particular example –not a very democratic pixel society, only middle class and upper-middle class pixels are dynamically represented while low and high class pixels have no live image processing vote.

There is also room for unpredictability in terms of shapes and patterns to the output, which translates into an always-changing visual composition.